What to Do When Your iOS App Faces Common Challenges

In the present time, iPhones are very popular among the people. There are many businesses around the world, who are seeking opportunities to invest in iOS app development services. So that these companies can make the most of the opportunity.

When people see a top iOS development company in USA enjoying great success, it becomes the inspiration for the rest of the business to go this way also.  This is because they recognize the potential for growth and innovation that comes with advanced technology and expertise.

But the iOS development services are not as easy as we think of them.  The present-day iOS development companies go through a lot of challenges that come their way from building and designing the application to advertising and then launching among the public.

Difficulties Faced by top iOS development company in USA in iOS App Development

Here are some of the challenges that arise while presenting the iOS app development service.

1. Incompatibility with applications

With Apple’s transition to 64-bit technology, developers have been notified that “macOS Mojave marks the final version of macOS supporting 32-bit apps.” Consequently, app developers need to optimize their mobile applications to align with 64-bit technology.

However, the app developers are able to still work with the 32-bit apps in the Mac, Apple’s handling of older app versions and devices sparks significant controversy.

It is very important for the applications to get updated on a regular basis by the iOS app development companies. If not then they may result in decreasing the speed of the machines.

This is why iOS developers must align their application updates with the current trends in app development.

2. Obtaining approval from the iOS App Store

In the initial quarter of 2019, the iOS App Store boasted a staggering 1.84 million downloadable apps.

Launching applications by the iOS app development agency is not a piece of cake. It is a tough job to do as there are many strict rules for it. The rules are necessary to be followed, if not then the application may get rejected based on a rules violation. 

Plus the guidelines go through the continuous update and keep on changing regularly. This is why it has become very important for iOS development services to know about Apple’s revised guidelines and current standards regarding content code, metadata, intellectual property rights, and more.

3. Resource Management

Resource management is a considerable challenge for an iOS app development company that is aiming for the app store. 

This involves gathering and organizing resources to create a complete and efficient app. In order to enhance the standard of the developed application, it is very important to adapt to effective resource consumption.

4. Limits in Memory and Storage

Another challenge associated with application development by the top iOS app development company in USA, is the limitation of memory and storage. 

To ensure optimal performance across various Apple devices with different storage capacities poses a challenge. There are numerous developers providing iOS development services, who often neglect to test their apps on a range of Apple devices with varying storage capacities.

It could impact the application badly by disturbing its functions. There is a possibility that the application might crash or the speed of the app could decrease. Moreover, the performance of app can also be affected.

Negative user reviews regarding the app’s performance can impact its reputation and success.

5. Security of the iOS applications

In the digital age, as innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning gain traction, cybersecurity emerges as a major challenge. 

Hackers continuously enhance their tactics, which makes securing iOS applications imperative. Developers must implement sophisticated encryption measures to safeguard application data and prevent data breaches, ensuring robust application security.

6. Beta Testing

Beta Testing presents challenges in iOS app development services. Initially, Apple’s policy on beta test releases for each app version can complicate the development process. It is necessary to handle bugs and compatibility issues while you are dealing with multiple beta versions.

Moreover, developers need to remain alert for upcoming version updates. With every new iOS update, it’s important to make sure your app works well and is compatible with the latest operating system.

This ongoing maintenance demands dedicated efforts by the top iOS app development company in USA to maintain an optimal user experience and keep the app updated.


In conclusion, while iOS app development offers promising opportunities for businesses, it also presents several challenges that must be addressed effectively. From ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies to navigating the stringent guidelines of the iOS App Store for approval, developers encounter various obstacles along the way. Resource management, memory, and storage limitations further add complexity to the development process. 

Additionally, maintaining security against cyber threats and conducting thorough beta testing is essential for delivering a reliable and successful app. Despite these challenges, the potential for growth and innovation in iOS app development remains significant. By staying updated with industry standards, adapting to evolving technologies, and prioritizing user experience, you can overcome obstacles and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the iOS ecosystem.

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